Orienteering Hutt Valley Inc.

Safety Rules

The after-work rogaines vary from suburbia to challenging bush, and the weather likewise. Some simple safety precautions are appropriate.

Team Sport (no Solos)

Having a teammate means that if you do get injured or lost, you have a teammate to offer support.  Solo participants are no longer allowed.

And if you start off in a team, you stay as a team. Team members must visit controls together - and stay within 20 metres of each other.  The only justification for splitting up is to obtain help in an emergency.

Names and Phone Numbers

We will require competitor names and contact details at registration — of course pre-registration makes our life so much easier on the night, so keep up the work there. Full names please, "Sue and Bob" is not enough in an emergency.

Gear List

Compulsory gear:

  • Team: Charged cellphone, whistle, compass, simple first aid kit, survival bag or blanket,
  • Individual: Jacket, thermal hat, gloves and a thermal top (merino or polypro) and a pack to put it in.

Recommended gear according to distance and conditions:

  • Thermal top (in addition to base layer),  Long pants (thermal or over-trou), Torch, Food and water. You're going to need a Pen or pencil to record answers/code letters at controls. Writing in the wet is a challenge - we recommend Inkjoy pens, and sometimes, if really wet, writing the answers temporarily on an old waterproof clipcard so the question sheet can stay inside its bag.

The Organiser is King (or Queen. Or Dictator.)

Conditions such as weather vary enormously. The organiser may impose additional requirements as they see fit. Examples might be: course time shortened, certain controls deleted, certain recommended gear made compulsory, etc. etc. Appreciate the burden of responsibility, and cooperate.

Treat Finish Time Seriously

Our safety plan includes a fairly prompt response if you do not turn up at the end. We begin this process within 15 minutes of the finish time. Within 30 minutes, we will in most cases have initiated some sort of search. If you are going to be significantly late, be aware of this and attempt to phone or text to keep the organiser from having kittens! The organiser's cellphone number will be printed on the question sheet and/or the map.