Orienteering Hutt Valley Inc.


P-Max was originally invented in 2011 to introduce beginners to rogaining. Events are in the urban and town belt areas of Wellington and Hutt Valley and are 60–90min long. Sometime they form a series, sometimes they are one-off events.

They are ideal for experienced navigators to introduce their families and friends. Or for beginner adventure racers who want to develop their navigation and teamwork. It also gives you the confidence to go into individual orienteering.

In a rogaine you choose your own route to visit checkpoints within a time limit. There are usually too many to visit them all, but each has a points value and you try for the highest score. Get back late and you lose points. Make a plan, find your way, and adjust to get back on time.

P-Max areas are easily accessible, but get you into the Wellington bush. We provide the maps with the checkpoints marked — they'll be on or near tracks, and you'll need to navigate junctions accurately. This is the type of navigation you'll get in yellow-level orienteering courses, or longer rogaines.  Our maps are the same style — like the topo but more accurate — and are actually the best track maps of Wellington that exist! 

No pre-registration required, just enter on the day. You'll all need walking/running gear, and a fully charged cellphone in case you are delayed.

Important: Read the safety precautions here.

Contact us with any enquiries.

Why P?

P stands for Pairs. Actually you can have as many as you like in a team! Any solos (experienced people only) get a 10% score penalty, we’d prefer you to share your skills.
P also stands for Points. The object of the game is to score points by visiting checkpoints and answering a simple question. E.g. the checkpoints on the first row of your scorecard (nos. 1-9) might be worth 5 points, the next row 10 points, and the third row 20 points.
P stands for Period. In P-Max it's 60 or 90 minutes. No-one is out there for ages, no matter what their speed! If you’re not back in time you get a Penalty of 10 points a minute. If you get the lot early, you’re placed according to time.

When Is It? P-Max runs during the early months of the year. They may be on Sundays, but more usually midweek afterwork. Sunday times are variable; for afterwork ones you generally check in and get your maps from 6pm, and navigate from 6:30 to 7:30pm. If you want to go out for a shorter period, you don't HAVE to use the whole time. You can make your own private competition over say 40 minutes. School coaches and scout leaders can use selected checkpoints for navigation/teamwork practise.

Results will be compiled separately for college teams, senior walkers, and runners.

Entry fee is $8 per adult, $5 per junior aged 20 or under. Just turn up on the night (yes we print a fixed number of maps:-)).

Join an orienteering club! At P-Max we're giving you members' rates, but at most rogaine events you'll save around $5 by being a member. And OHV has a special subscription deal for first-timers! Become a member here.

Anytime P-Maxes

You can also do previous P-Max courses in your own time — see the Anytime Rogaining page.