Orienteering Hutt Valley Inc.

Getting Started

If you haven't tried MTB Orienteering before, take a look at some of these useful resources:

  • sample map of a beginner area with couple of short courses on it. 
  • A couple of pages of general info about how we do MTBO around Wellington.
  • The New Zealand MTBO rules. Half a dozen pages and pretty readable.
  • concocted map designed to show all important symbols with comments.
  • The historic NZ MTBO website. The resource section here will progressively be moved onto the ONZ website.

If you're an occasional rider note that we have an expectation to carry a cellphone in non-urban events; this is to hasten response to an injury incident. And you are now allowed to ride off-track on certain map colours — read the legend carefully!

Next, read the Riding Hints, and then some Expert Navigation Advice.

See also About MTBO.