Orienteering Hutt Valley Inc.

Difficulty Levels

Technical Difficulty Levels — from the NZ Foot Orienteering Rules:

Label Level Description
White Very easy

Courses must follow drawn linear features (tracks, fences, streams, distinct vegetation boundaries, etc.). A control site must be placed at every decision point (eg. a turning point, a track junction or a change in the type of linear feature - from following a track to following a stream).

All control markers must be visible from the approach side. Where the course has to deviate from the handrail feature (e.g. to cross through a forest block), the route must be marked all the way until a new handrail feature is reached. The Start Triangle shall be on a linear feature. If no such feature is available, then there must be a taped route all the way from the start to a linear feature (i.e. the first control). Compass use is limited to map orientation only. No route choice is offered. Doglegs are permitted. Used for: M/W-10, M/W-12B

Yellow Easy

Control sites must be on or near (<50 m) drawn linear features (tracks, fences, streams, distinct vegetation boundaries, etc) but preferably not at turning points. This gives the opportunity to follow handrails or to cut across country (i.e. limited route choice).

Control sites shall be visible from the approach side by any reasonable route. Compass use is limited to rough directional navigation. Contour recognition is not required for navigation but simple contour features may be used for control sites. Doglegs are permitted. Used for: M/W12-A, M/W-14B, adult C classes

Orange Medium

Course shall have route choice with prominent attack points near the control sites and/or catching features less than 100 m behind.

Control sites may be fairly small point features and the control markers need not necessarily be visible from the attack point. Exit from the control shall not be the same as the entry (doglegs are not permitted). Simple navigation by contours and rough compass with limited distance estimation required. Use of a chain of prominent features as "stepping stones" is encouraged. Used for: M/W-16B, adult B classes

Red Hard

Navigation shall be as difficult as possible with small contour and point features as preferred control sites (no obvious attack points, no handrails etc.).

Control sites shall be placed in areas rich in detail. Route choice shall be an important element in most legs. Doglegs are not permitted. Note: It may be impossible to set RED courses on some maps. Used for: all other A classes including and above M/W16-A (includes both Long and Middle Distance courses), Elite classes.