Orienteering Hutt Valley Inc.

Local Event Types

In the Wellington region most of the foot orienteering events can be classified as one of the following:

Event type Description
CSW Combined club and College Sport Wellington (CSW) series of distance events generally running from the start of autumn to the end of winter on Sunday mornings at parks, regional parks, and farms around Wellington, the Hutt Valley, or Kapiti-Mana. Everyone is welcome — members, non-members, and school students.
After-work/CSW Sprint Combined club and College Sport Wellington (CSW) sprint series in late-summer on Wednesday evenings at schools or parks in Wellington or the Hutt Valley. Everyone is welcome — members, non-members, and school students.
OY Multi-course regional "Orienteer of the Year" series on Sunday mornings — often in the forests up the Manawatu coast. Events are run by Orienteering Wellington, Orienteering Hutt Valley, or Red Kiwi orienteering clubs.
Club A multi-course distance event that's neither part of the CSW or OY series. Everyone is welcome.
O-Max Shorter (sprint-type) after-work orienteering events during late-Spring.

Small-scale DIY-type events run by Orienteering Hutt Valley that often fill a gap on Sundays when there's not any other bigger event. They are good training opportunities.

You turn up, you put out a couple of controls (ribbons), you draw the controls on the map (that normally you've printed beforehand), then you run the course, then you go and collect a couple of ribbons.